Registration Policies

  • Caregivers must participate with child. This is NOT a drop off class.
  • Refunds given up to the 2nd week for pro-rated session fee.
  • A fee will be assessed if the songbook or CD have been opened.
  • Registration fee is non-refundable.
  • No refunds on missed classes. You can make-up 2 classes during that semester.
  • No materials given until full payment received.
  • $35 return check fee for uncleared checks.


Classroom Etiquette for Parents and Caregivers

PLEASE NO TALKING IN CLASS. We hope to create an ALL MUSIC environment, wherein your child can explore music and movement. Your child looks to you as a role-model, and if you are talking it diminishes the importance of the music they are making.

No cellphones. If you are awaiting an urgent call, please set your phone to vibrate and if necessary, take the call outside the classroom.

No eating or drinking in classroom. Sippy cups/bottles and food are distracting to children and interfere with their oral expression. *EXCEPTION for Breastfeeding. You may do so in class at your discretion.

Please NO toys in class. The children will enjoy the instruments provided. As the class session progresses, your child will learn that even when he/she returns an instrument, he/she will later be provided with a new one.