“It warms my heart to hear what the families say about my Music Together by the Dunes program. It is truly an honor and privilege to be a part of their lives”.      Ina Ferrara


“My daughter Claire has been attending Music Together by the Dunes since she was 9 months old. She is now 4 and is in a full day Pre-K program that has an integrated music class. The teacher is so impressed with her musical capabilities, and has commented to me how her enthusiasm for music inspires the other students in the class. I attribute this largely to the Music Together program, which emphasizes the early introduction to music and family participation at home. The music is always playing in our car and it actually soothes and comforts my children during times of stress. Since Claire’s joining of the program, I have had two other daughters who are also students of the class. I love Music Together, and truly believe it is an integral part of my children’s development. Thank you Miss Ina!”

Rebecca Sieger


“The Music Together Program has given me and my children much reason to “get up and move”, the confidence to sing out loud, and the knowledge of how to use a wide variety of musical instruments….Not only did my children gain a musical foundation, they learned to socialize, to share and to communicate through words, songs and rhythms.”

Tara Hudson


Maria Pentcheva-Burns says that, “music Together is the most special and joyous time of the week that I get to share with my daughter. Not only does it let me unwind and be silly, but also Calina is so enchanted by the music and props that she simply loses herself. I cannot say enough good things about the program, Ms. Ina and the wonderful learning that takes place”.


Susan Ruocco and Dennis Maroulas wrote; “Thank you for all you have done for James. His love of music is obvious – several times a day as he sings to himself, with us, and now to his sister Elizabeth!”

update!  Jan 2020

Our family went to “Music Together by the Dunes” with Miss Ina Ferrara for over 5 years. She was and is a par of our Village. As I look back I realize how much Music Together has touched or lives in such a special way. James, 11 years old now, has always had a love for music, and I do believe it started with Ms Ina’s enthusiasm and infectious love of music. He is now in chorus, world drummer and has been in band. He auditioned for the Harmonizers and participates in HMEA, SCMEA and NYSSMA. He is actively involved in the theater and even researches music on line for the video games he codes. He loves all genres of music and on vacation had a blast when he surprised everyone there when he sang Karaoke style – a Beatles song and Mr. Bojangles! A HS music teacher from another state came to find us to compliment us on James and his choice of music. My daughter Elizabeth, who is still very shy, will sing to her stuffed animals to soothe them, creating her own songs about them. We still all will hum a bar from a song of the Music Together songs and start singing together. Thank you Miss Ina!

Susan Ruocco   January 2020


“Porter was just 15 months old when we began on our musical adventure…little did I know or realize that this was going to be a life long journey, one that we will both treasure forever. You have touched our lives so much so that Porter mentions your name at least 50 times a day. Every time she sees an American Flag she say, “Ms. Ina, Ms. Ina’s class” in honor of the flags that hang outside the classroom. The gift of music that you have given to our family has become a daily ritual of singing, dancing, and playing our instruments as a family (Daddy too!). She truly cherishes you and her music so I felt very strongly that you should know how terrific we think you are and what an honor it has been to be in your class. I am aware that Music Together is a standardized program, but it is you that makes the experience so special and makes the music come to life. To be able to touch a child’s life in such a meaningful and positive way is a gift. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher”.           Paige Campbell


“Dear Miss Ina,

I liked singing and dancing with you.




“Ms. Ina,

You Have Touched Our Hearts & Have changed Our Lives…With Beautiful Music.

You Deserve the Best!

We Hope You Have A Wonderful Birthday!

With Much Love,

Paola, Damon &  Isabella ”

(Paola Florez eventually became a beloved Music Together Teacher working with me for 7 years and  Dante  also attended classes )